Why not is more a matter of numbers and influence. I’m writing another related piece, so I won’t go into much here, but how would we effect change? Out vote the giants? 2016 was likely our peak voting power; Millennials will eclipse us by 2020 if predictions hold. Leaving aside the obvious “how’d that work out?” snark, forget the final and think about the primaries, about how we ended up with Clinton v. Trump v. (the missed opportunity of a century) Johnson. Analyze GenX influence at that level. It was Boomer Bowl, when the Republicans and Libertarians both had promising GenX pols fighting and failing to to secure the nominations.

Can we out spend the giants? Businesses have already been shifting to accommodate Millennial preference, in the way that they accommodated the changing preferences of the aging Boomer. With the exception of consumption related to parenting — and they did go hard after us for that — GenX has not had buying power relative to the giants.

What leverage to effect change have we ever had?



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Leslie Loftis

Teacher of life admin and curator of commentary. Occasional writer.