This is not a problem limited to conservative women. In fact it is a tenant of second wave feminism that long ago became normalized even among conservative women who deny feminism. Ironically, it is fed by the strict gender roles popular in some conservative corners. Home and child rearing are women’s work, and men’s meddling is not welcome. (Update: and it occurs, this is why we face little resistance in dominating home life and why it is entrenched for conservative women. Early on in intact families, it is the norm, the goal. It is what is supposed to happen. It becomes a problem when the parenting season should transition from primary nurturing mothercare to primary life prep more commonly fostered by fathers. Modern moms don’t want to let go of their central place in their children’s lives, hence the hovering, controlling, mommy knows best, husbands aren’t allowed to do anything, he’s so incompetent, just another child to deal with. Stuff I’ve heard a hundred times.)

So I quibble a bit: the problem is more extreme for non-conservative women. But, yes, it is denied by conservative women who are far more feminist than they realize.

Teacher of life admin and curator of commentary. Occasional writer.

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