There are a couple of reasons I don’t address this point this time. Mainly, it is not in the data. There are a couple of reasons for that. One, I won’t shock you to say that the data is not broken out that way. There are no federal requirements for reporting abortion procedures. Only 46 states require state reporting and only 26 states — yep, just over half — require providers to report post abortion complications. There are other hide-the-issue problems as well.

Two, many of the pro-abortion position affects are mental, such as silent contradictions you touch on in bullet three or the concept that women own their offspring that we have discussed before. They have to have the notion of ownership in order for choice reasoning to make sense, but another sense of ownership is full responsibility for. Pro-choice feminists didn’t realize that they couldn’t preach one without some learning the other. That has produced an unintended consequence of hyper focus on the baby by women and society in the later childbearing years. Which gets to…

I don’t have to say it directly every time. It is tied up in the habit of giving women partial information, and sometimes it is more powerful to let readers make the connection themselves. (And I thought I posted this to you yesterday. Just saw in drafts while taking off.)

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