The prequels and sequels have smothered the spirituality of the original story. The Force adds a little style and flash to Man’s struggles with evil, but really it is a bit of luck disguised as magic tricks and nonsense. Han was right the first time. None of it matters, and the battles, the endless, escalating destruction? That’s as good as life gets, buddy. There really is no hope, no point in resistance. We are all going through Hell, and the repeated theme in the New and Improved Star Wars Universe is to just keep going.

The prequels and reboot have turned the original story of our spiritual battle with evil into a nilhistic tale of what? Gritty battle scenes. Well, if I want gritty battle scenes and a tale of Man’s plight in the absence of Grace, then I’ll watch Game of Thrones thank you very much. But stories of heroism and redemption that inspired children on up — that used to be the perview of Star Wars. That, at root, was what made it epic and iconic for a generation.

But the nihilists will have their way. Spiriturality is silly. Redemption is nonsese. And they will make sure that any vestages of those old concepts are swept away.

John Erhett has a similar take, although, he doesn’t seem as bothered by transition away from a children’s movie .

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