Some tactical issues along the lines you list do exist, and dealing with them will be part of the planning process, yes. For two quick examples, the project would need independent, non-government funding and would need to open originally in a red state without excessive regulatory drag, one like say, Texas, which also houses one of the world’s largest and most distinguished medical centers, has demographic need that is well known in media, which makes the PR attacks more difficult to execute, and happens to be where I live (Houston) and where New Wave Feminists is based (Dallas). We have the money, the expertise, the market, the land, and an easy to expand region in the Gulf states. Yes, we need willing leaders to pull it together.

It is easy for Texans to forget how beaten down others are by regulatory nanny-states and assorted governmental systems, to the point that ideas and innovation are shot down as a matter of course. Texans do not think that way, as a general rule. Could we find people willing to lead this endeavor? Around here, that will probably be the easiest part.



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Leslie Loftis

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