Or who think they do not know any conservative women.

From a “Where are conservative women?” article I wrote a while back, ironically in a publication called The Conservative Woman UK:

Most [conservative] women I encounter have absorbed the pop lesson that their opinions are offensive to others. (Anyone remember the Salon piece from 2011, “My Best Friend is a Republican” and the woman who couldn’t even look her friend in the eye when discussing policy? We are all familiar with kind of personal reaction, I’m sure.)

So with rare exception, most notably the wanton destruction of new life, the average conservative woman keeps her mouth shut in mixed company and online, not because she has no complaint but because she doesn’t want to offend anyone around her.

She sees it as being gracious and will attempt to solve the problem herself for her own family, like the good Burkean little platoon officer she is. And the few who do speak up — again most often about abortion because we choose our battles and the disregard for new life is a special kind of horror — they often get frustrated by the popular assumptions that they are anti-women ogres and then berate themselves for wasting their time engaging in public discourse when they could have been doing something more productive for their own family.

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