Oh, I’ve not forgotten. I’m was simply trying to be concise. From an old article in The Federalist on vanishing blockbusters:

Authors, screenwriters, and Hollywood powers that be, they don’t understand stories anymore. They’ve forgotten how to write them. They often start with a good premise, but then bend the story to be relevant to what they suppose a modern audience wants or to tell a modern morality tale as they believe morality to be.

They’ve forgotten how to write characters, as well. Myth stories are powerful because they use archetypes: the hero, the rebel, the rogue with a heart of gold. These reflect elements of human nature. If the author strays too far from the archetype, then his character loses the power to propel the story forward. Interviews with good writers often refer to the author having one plan for the character and the character having another. Good authors let the character win. But in Hollywood, the characters bend.

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