Nalini (not sure why I can’t reply to your comment directly, but it’s Medium, so who knows), “like the part where we had to become more like the men…” exactly, like that part. It’s the longstanding rift in feminism, do we achieve equality by mimicking men? Those who answer yes, implicitly accecpt men’s standards as The standards, and set women up for failure as men will alway win a in a being men contest.

To your excellent example, I’d add career arcs. It is foolish of us to mimic male career arcs, which tend to be compact with heavy acceleration at the front and then an end. Women’s general career curve might look steadyier with steeper acceleration a little later than men and a much longer and rising tail. Our life expectancies are different. Our energy patterns are different. Or biology is different. It doesn’t mean we cannot achieve the same things, but it damn sure doesn’t require that we do it the way men do it.



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Leslie Loftis

Teacher of life admin and curator of commentary. Occasional writer.