My go to example here has been the Han Shot First problem, which has only gotten worse with the Disney buyout of Lucasfilm. In the original Star Wars film, Han Solo was the Rogue with a Hidden Heart of Gold. We, like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, suspected the heart was there. (Chewbecca knew.) But he was such a cool, calculating guy — the kind who shot the bounty hunter before he could get a round off — that we were not sure until he came barreling in at the end to shoot Vader off Luke’s tail. The Special Edition edits in which Greedo shoots first, changed that. Now Han was the idiot who lets a mercenary take the first shot at close range. That Han probably acknowledges enough empathy in himself to not struggle too much with the decision to fly to Luke’s aid, but we might worry if that Han is a good enough shot to make a difference. Now, things are worse, as the Disney powers that be seem to be not only flipping him back to his rougher roots after swinging him from hero to a deadbeat dad and runaway husband to willing sacrifice, but making him worse than the original.

Who knows who Han is anymore.

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