I’ve noted the strange numbers from another angle. I don’t find people I follow in my feed. The daily email digest does better. But the tags and writers I follow, for the most part I have to do a search for them. For instance, Rachel Darnall, even though I’ve recommended and commented on most of her pieces, I don’t get notified when she posts or see her main stories in my feed. Our feeds are heavy with the most recommended stories. I love that feature, but the algorithm needs to give us more of the people and tags we choose to follow, especially if we are engaging with those writers. The idea that Medium isn’t pinging me every time Rachel posts and that I have to look for her is absurd based upon my interaction. And if Stella J., that aspiring mother of dragons, isn’t in my feed on a regular by next week — there’s our stranger numbers.

Teacher of life admin and curator of commentary. Occasional writer.

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