I’ve had this idea in the works for a long time. My husband suggested it years ago, before I started blogging in 2009, but I felt that I did not have the network to make it work then. About 2 years ago, I realized I now had that network. I pitched the idea to a few existing sites and writers.

Tons of writer interest, not much site interest.

I made my own site but never launched it because it would just be another blog, e-newsletter, or standalone website. All so 2010 and a crowded field. My gut said wait. Then Medium started picking up after the election. I started writing here again to make sure that the change in usage wasn’t just a flash burn. It wasn’t.

Ev Williams et al. are right. There’s a desire for real journalism and broader perspective, which neither traditional media nor new web media are jumping to provide. Medium is the platform where writers, editors, and publishers are trying to meet that hungry market. So I finally ran with my curation idea here.

A few of the et al. referenced above who might be interested in following the series or know someone who would. Michael Tracey Berny Belvedere Bobbie Johnson Stevie Trujillo Lyndsay Knowles Roy Schlegel Aaron Loeb Jake Fuentes Sean Blanda Nick Hagar Steven Levy Molly McHugh John Battelle

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