I think this is one of the other media failures. Another big thing happened about that time, which got very little coverage, but among my relcutant Trump circles, it played.

I write an America Watch column for a UK magazine. For my November 3rd column:

There is an unheralded October surprise. The Obamacare plan closures and rate hikes broke last week. My Facebook feed is full of shock and disgust.

Because of her failed healthcare intervention as First Lady and her involvement in the Obama administration, the public associates Clinton with healthcare issues almost as much as foreign policy issues, and as discussed above, the American public is thinking domestically. While the news is trolling the public with the Secretary of State email scandal, Americans are getting hit in their pocket book. If the polls continue to tighten, it will be Obamacare, not the email scandal, that drives the vote.
Regardless, by this time next week, we will know.

And now we know. (And even though my overall predictions were off, that dispatch about turning our backs on the world holds up well.)

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