I suppose I’m a bit naive — that isn’t really the word I need here, but I’m in a rush so it will have to do — living in Texas, educated, gun culture with family members who are stay-at-home arms merchants and others who were high ranking military officers in their day, training isn’t typical? The start of my husband training my son, and now starting with eldest daughter, is cleaning. A case with bushes, oil, and cloth. The common debate amongst the dads has been about Airsoft and the value of strategy games vs. the old school rules about never, ever, ever, point even a toy gun at someone. (One of the big misunderstandings outsiders have about gun culture is thinking it has no rules or standards. In fact, it has many.)

I’m open to the fact that I take training for granted, that it does not happen everywhere. But I promise, it does happen.

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