I refer you back to my first point: stragety. Today the term is used to exhaust and isolate women, weaken our daughters, and bully our sons. We should consider retaking it if only as a defensive measure. The tactic has precedence. It worked well for U.S. progressives when they took over the term “liberal.”

The term allows 1%ers and misandrists and to loudly claim women are unified while they act to de-masculinize boys and lead women to be isolated, insecure, and sex toys. The term cloaks these horrible goals. It allows them to advertise that they are doing something good while they wreak their havoc. From another article (this is not a new theme for me):

I offer a helpful suggestion for feminists to try and save the term’s popularity: spend more time figuring out why feminism has come to be seen as so many anti-things pop feminists claim it isn’t and confronting those women for hijacking the movement, rather than insulting the women you seek to bring into the fold.

They haven’t done this. They use the term as a kind of bully pulpit. I wold like to see them deprived of that option.

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