I can’t believe Medium is finally putting this in my feed. The stuff I write and the people I interact with and the old algorithm never put Jenny Asencio’s pieces in my feed? (Actually, I might have found it via Dave DuBay, so thanks to him. To Medium — really? This didn’t match up to me?)

Anyway, loads of us. See also EdgeOfTheSandbox, slmgoldberg, and Cathy Young, here on Medium and elsewhere. I also recommend — and note, they might not claim the label “feminist”, but I’m going with Jenny’s matrix — a new podcast by CH Summers and Danielle Crittenden, Femsplainers. Then try Caitlin Flanagan, Ella Whelan, Destiny Herndon De la Rosa, and Sarah Q.

Those are the first off the top of my head. If you want more, just ping me.

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