I am not speaking for you or telling you how to speak. You have proven time and again you are quite capable of speaking for yourself.

I am, however, concerned with effective advocacy. You and any number of men can speak out on an issue only to be dismissed as angry white males, regardless of the facts. Just yesterday Jordan Peterson, exceptionally competent and calm male advocate for men got the treatment from The Globe and Mail. Their headline for a story on his #1 book, “The Jordan Peterson Paradox: high intellect, or just another angry white guy.” That dismissal is the problem. Use your voice all you like. But for most guys, few are listening.

Knowing the basics of your history as I do, I can begin to empathize with your wariness of women’s motives. There is a slew of MRA’s that agree with you and who will be just as willing to speak for themselves should the women incesesors try to go all Wonder Woman and impose matriarchy for the protection of their captors. As it is, however, I have a husband, son, nephews, and brothers for whom I care a great deal. I will not leave their fate to arguments few hear just because the guys who got burned by 60’s feminism want to keep fighting the battles, which they are losing, all by themselves.

Furthermore, I do believe that 60’s feminist theory bears much responsibility for the current state of affairs, this sex war. Therefore, to pull out a mom-ism, whoever made the mess should clean it up. As it was our grandmothers and mothers who made the mess, and it is their lies and pressure on younger women perpetuating the mess, those of us who see though all the mess, we have a responsibility to speak out. And not just for our sons. For but one example, I do not wish to see my daughters think so little of themselves or be used so callously as young women are today. Being part of a workaround for “just another angry white guy” is only one aspect of my rogue feminism.

You fight your way. I’ll fight mine.



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Leslie Loftis

Teacher of life admin and curator of commentary. Occasional writer.