Hoping Medium Staff sees this. The Expander. I want an option for that. I’ve been using comments as footnotes, and now plan on using an ellipsis as the comment hyperlink, but it will still click people to an entirely new window. If there could be a box so readers stay on the same page, that’d be great.

The Expander — This superhero-sounding item is already in use at other outlets, like The Guardian, and Ferne said it’s going to be tested on the BBC’s site starting next month. When readers see a yellow ellipsis after a key term/event/name/etc., they can click on it to pop out some more information. (Two examples in a piece about Catalonia independence: The definition of sedition, and an explainer on the Catalonia region.) The Expander and the next prototype are the only two that can reuse news items, assuming the information is still accurate and relevant.

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