Heck, it’s the reason his canidacy was even remotely viable in the first place. Go back to the early R debates and the exit of the governors.

Perry pinned the beginning of his end was his exclusion from the first debate when Fox News invited participants by poll numbers because that’s where the ratings are — in popularity. The fact that Governor Perry had led the Texas economy to powerhouse status during a country-wide recession — that counted for nothing.

Walker got a measly eight minutes in an early three-hour debate, not because he’s a failure at communication or has no fresh ideas or folds in the face of the opposition. He got eight minutes because that is all the format allowed him, the un-sexy candidate.

Experienced statesmen with fresh ideas and a record of political rebellion that the Republican base wanted upon this time, and they each struggled for momentum because of an antiquated debate system that no longer serves to inform the public about a candidate but feeds news channel ratings.

Jeb! soaked up the early R money and Trump the publicity.



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Leslie Loftis

Teacher of life admin and curator of commentary. Occasional writer.