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I am a lawyer and writer who has had varied work in local political campaigns and in conservative media over the past 15 years. I left right media over 2016 and ‘17— or you could say it left me* — to publish on my own and return to focusing on local issues. But I still read favorite writers. I still find new podcasts. So I decided to put my knowledge of conservative media to good use.

I curate conservative women’s voices.

There is so much, well, crap, out there to read, to listen to, or to watch. And big media, particularly legacy media such as ABC and CNN and the other bigs before the internet, focuses on the crap. Drama sells and news media is no novice at marketing by mud slinging or out-headlining the competition. (Google “Hearst Pulitzer Remember the Maine” for the quintessential example.)

Non-conservatives are curious — okay, maybe incredulous, or perhaps plain baffled — about what conservative women think. The reality of politics right now has many people wondering about that. Plus, many have a sense that the truth lives somewhere other than wherever the made-up sensations featured on Fox or similar media put it. If nothing else, they want a more complete picture to avoid future shocks.

So on Sundays I send out a collection of conservative women’s commentary. UPDATE: I took a break for a while but am back in 2020, only now the newsletter is monthly, arriving at the start of each month. Signup here.

FYI, no subscription fee, no ads. I do it because I like to do it and, more importantly, I think it needs to be done. Also note, I’m a mom of four with all that entails, so in summer and Advent through Christmas (as in all the Twelve days of) the email arrives on a loose every-other-Sunday schedule. UPDATE: strike that schedule break. I will send a January one the second week in January, otherwise monthly it is.

If you want to know a little bit more about me, before committing to another email, I’ve provided a few links below. And the * above? I was an original Senior Contributor for The Federalist back when it aspired to be The Atlantic of the right. I have also written for assorted local publications, US News & World Report, The Observer, PJ Media, and The Daily Caller. I used to run my own publication here at Medium, Iron Ladies, and published at Arc Digital in its early days.




Teacher of life admin and curator of commentary. Occasional writer.

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Leslie Loftis

Leslie Loftis

Teacher of life admin and curator of commentary. Occasional writer.

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