But that’s it, we won’t go back to the status quo. We — the politically homeless which is a larger group than NeverTrumpers, by the way — are currently looking for where we can have the most effect. In my present analysis, that is at the local level (and in my hometown of Houston that means at least theoretical non-party affiliation). He’s right about real change building from the bottom. It is were the work must be done.

But if — when — I have to look at the two national parties, I will assess which one will be best for advancing constitutional conservatism. That’s no longer an obvious answer. And that is what Nicholas Grossman is getting at. We are essentially asking which party will be easier to transform into a constitutional party. And after the almost complete capitulation of GOP “leadership” and the age and lack of ideas of Dem leadership, it’s not crazy to consider moving into that power vacuum.

For the record, I don’t think it would work, but it isn’t a crazy idea.

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