Any attempt to build this conservative outlet will require a much wider and deeper bench than the names mentioned here, some of whom do not command much respect from convervatives of the not-Fox news devotee type. Luckily, we have many with the talent and expertise to pull this off, they are just not well known because they aren’t on Fox or aren’t sufficiently left — or squishy, as we see it— enough to be allowed on liberal media outlets for the token appearance of balance. See, e.g. Megan McArdle:

You end up with a liberal mainstream media that is large and weakly politically biased, and a much smaller conservative media that is strongly political and focuses almost entirely on stories with a political angle, to keep its readership.

At which point, it became hard for the people working in that media to get a job at a mainstream publication staffed by people who think they’re wrong about everything. Big mainstream outlets hire a fair number of reporters from little left-wing political magazines; when I asked the conservative journalists I know for a similar list from right-wing outlets, the number of people we could come up with could be counted on the fingers of one hand. And we didn’t need all the fingers, either.

Hers was a good idea. It didn’t work because of entrenched bias. Yours is better, with a bigger list.

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