And that was similar to our view in 2008. If we had any doubts, or hope, the gloating in 2012 put those to rest. Trump was not an attempt at reconciliation. As I wrote elsewhere:

This is the evangelical voter today. They’ve done everything they were supposed to do for Uncle Sam. They were the good patriots, working hard, raising families. Yet life isn’t going their way. From terrorism to taxes, jobs, budgets, public safety, insurance, family law, mortgages, small business regulation — all of it goes wrong. They reached despair. They feel forsaken.

Trump’s principles don’t hurt his vote percentages because they aren’t looking for principles. They’ve lost hope in principles. They are looking for the strongman. If we must have a government that quashes people, then they’d like one that quashes the other guy.

Whole piece is here, but you are right, this wasn’t about reconciliation.

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