And not you personally — I don’t know you off Medium, but I know many who remain silent, thinking that speaking out accomplishes nothing — but it is common for some of the silent to look down upon those who do speak out. Sometimes it is for tone, and that I get. I’m a stickler for avoiding ad hominem and other rude tactics. But really — and again not you, I’ve just stumbled on this after a terrible day of advocacy — those of us who do speak get a ton of flack. People want happy thoughts. They don’t want to have the conversations. We are awful people for bursting bubbles and pulling heads out of sand.

Today it was ‘shut up and root for the home team.’ As my husband commented, I don’t react well to that. We need to have the conversations. And I welcome you to the fray.



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Leslie Loftis

Teacher of life admin and curator of commentary. Occasional writer.