Agreed. And FTR there were a fair few behind the scenes discussions among right commentators respecting Bernie and his supporters for this consistency. And also for the record, one of the worst parts of the 2016 cycle for conservatives was what some of us call the invasion of the body snatchers, right after Trump got the nom.

Any tea partier or anyone who actually understood the Tea Party, knew that the only options were Rubio, Cruz, or Trump. We’d done the ‘licking them out if their boots’ ground work. We couldn’t quite manage a non establishment pres nominee in 2012, but we were set in 2016. But the party players didn’t know it. Bush sucked up the money. His team was going to buy the nomination. He and CC kneecapped Rubio. It was no shock at all when the party didn’t rally to Rubio in Nov that we were down to Cruz and Trump. And the camps split: Tea Party supporters who had prioritized constitutional government were for Cruz (and some were #nevertrump), while those who prioritized economy and jobs were, and had been, the core Trump supporters. The rest of the GOP was watching, against Trump but unwilling to rally to Cruz, because they weren’t actually constitutional governance folks but ‘as long as the rules favor us’ folks. And when Cruz dropped — for so many it was, oh well rally to the GOP. Conversions to cheerleading happened overnight. Not just #neverHillary resignation, but actual support. It was horrorifying. Still is. I mean we spin a silver lining that at least we know who is bendable, but that’s a thin lining.

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