Actually, we weren’t just turning the piece into two, but I was holding it because I thought EdgeOfTheSandbox was over stating Paglia’s position on art, specifically that she was applying Paglia’s view about art to artists. I had requested edits and then got behind on my own writing. Just as I had time to open the piece for review, Paglia herself weighed in. Mea culpa. Sandbox pretty much nailed it.

I feel pretty certain that this will not endear Paglia to skeptics like Georgi. Even fans like me find the artist point more difficult than the art one. But no one claims the art professor is not controversial. I still find value in her historical knowledge and intellectual honesty — even when I think she’s wrong. She does not hide from or otherwise dodge the logic of her positions, and that is too rare a quality in public debate to be discounted.

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