A hypothetical question for you: I’ve started calling for people to focus on local issues, community building, village restoration, and returning to local politics. Since we both see that PC pieties repel conservative women from speaking out on political issues, do you think the same will hold for local issues where their opinions would have more effect? Or put more sharply, are conservative women really reserving action in their own families and Burkean little platoons because that is where they feel most effective or because they are using family as a retreat, an excuse to not engage in political discourse. The answer can be both/and — and frankly I think the answer is both/and — but I wonder if you see the motivation leaning one way or another? Also, how would making this point in wide publication play? Where’s the piss them off/light a fire line? Note, this question will come up because Rod Dreher has a book called the Benedict Option due out in 2 weeks, and at root it is about this issue only in the context of Christianity.

We are going to be talking about it anyway. Might as well prepare.

cc Rachel Darnall arthur lecuyer (((EdgeOfTheSndbx))) Christina Lovelace Lindsey Goeders

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